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 En el blog conocido por todos, pudimos leer hoy una carta dirigida a Phebe Novakovic (Presidenta de General Dynamics) y Walter M. Oliver (Vice-presidente de RRHH). Se les comunica lo inmoral que resultan las prácticas en Santa Bárbara en materia de recursos humanos, ya que simultáneamente se producen despidos y se contratan becarios. Nos puede caber la duda de si ella lo considera inmoral. Ojala me equivoque y sea que sí.

  Trasladamos lo que parece ser el contenido de la carta en inglés, (y ya sabemos como se dice 55 despedidos en inglés):

55 dismissed

Phebe Walter Ramonet

date:  Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 12:27 PM
subject:  immoral and illegal practices implemented in Santa Barbara against the Blue Book and the GD ETHICS standards prejudicing the employees.
signed-by: Dear Sir

Your help is highly needed to put firm and call the attention of your HR guys in GDELS SBS
This is Santa Barbara. A very peculiar business , like it or not . We have a new misdeed perpetrated by some enlightened . It now appears that the solution of this company get for hiring internsWith a redundancy of 600 people and more than 200 regulated …. and now want to hire interns . Hard to believe . It is absurd . ERE ‘s sentence is under appeal. Individual complaints are pending final judgment to be processed . We could say that ” still warm corpses ” , figuratively obviously.It is immoral to all ERTE lights above a table and peers at home staring at the ceiling , to consider hiring interns . Who is the brilliant ideologue Santa Barbara will bring this situation as innovative ideas like this? Sure takes a good salary , and he should be the first replaced by an intern .A fellow and would just completely immoral , being in such a delicate situation. Not any ethical or aesthetic . Another example of the department of ethics is a sham.

On its illegality or not generated some doubts. The unions and their lawyers should clarify this situation immediately . And logically take legal action. If not illegal , it would have to be more imaginative to counter this situation. Think . It costs money. Our companions deserve. It is necessary to reduce the number of peers who are at home. It is also an interesting fact to contribute in any court hereafter . Obviously . Ask ERTE ERE and hire people while on the other hand sounds shocking.

Hopefully Mr. Ramonet take action on the matter and help soothe the tension and the tense we are living.

In the Blog, opened and the majority of the employees are commenting, is said that Mr Ramonet  received an email with the following text because his guys in charge of Human Resources and in charge of the company (Mr Enrique Novella and Mr Antonio Bueno) are acting against the ethics standard and good faith and damaging the employees.

Dear Mr. Ramonet , Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Blogger

FTR has suffered a savage ERE , there are 55 dismissed colleagues , more than 200 regulated , we are afraid that there are new and there no work. In this context , we learned on Friday that Antonio Bueno walks implementing a new policy of internships. Here’s the email that circulates FTR . Yes , of fellows. They want us to think . Now that you have set for the company to send the leads to the ass, does not have a clue , is undocumented and has no sensitivity. Do not know . Read the email that attached , the head of HR of the company refers to its heads of HR policy fellows . It is insulting and even grotesque that their managers in Santa Barbara devote their time to these important issues .

Stop it Mr. Ramonet , please , if work and requires fellows , has the regulated , expect of us hand over hand . Stop them , you take the reins , they’re undocumented , they want free labor , sub-Saharan alike are thinking about hiring illegal immigrants to not spend and continue destroying workers .

They Udes . our last resort , the blogger because through the blog should know peers in the hands of those who are and now we’ll see whether to publish or not, has opened a wonderful website , there are doubts about whether you are from the company or not help us .

Mr. Rodriguez , a colleague of his union believes that we must give it a try

Barbara ResponderSanta Sistemas9 October 2013 21:06 Thank you for your words mate .

The documentation that you sent is important . At the legal level provides arguments in upcoming trials against the company. The reasoning is simple . If done an ERE + ERTE because no workload, why would they hire interns ? To explain it to the judge, and we’ll see if it convinces .

Moreover you should know that this blog is read in military and other areas to compare the information ” ofical ” providing company . This scene is small and everything is known .

The blog has visitors from Austria, Germany , UK . U.S. also . Remember that everyone has a boss who give explanations , including Mr. Ramonet .

The works council also read it, and I hope you join rather than subtracted.

Acerca de ensantabarbara

"Asociación 55 despedidos - Fábrica de Trubia" Trabajadores despedidos de la filial española de General Dynamics European Land Systems
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