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Cientos de trabajadores de General Dynamics estarán sin trabajo el viernes. La compañía dio a unos 730 trabajadores dos de meses de antelación a finales de febrero. En manifestaciones al canal de noticias, una trabajadora manifiesta que no han respetado los criterios que inicialmente se comunicaron y se siente frustada por la carta de despido.

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«General Dynamics Trabajador Speaking Out

LYNN HAVEN – Hundreds of General Dynamics workers will be out of a job Friday. The company gave about 730 workers two months notice in late February.

A General Dynamics worker who wants to remain anonymous said, «Once they sent that letter to people or gave it to people so many people quit, they had so many people just up and quit.»

The single mother is one of the full-time employees losing her job. She claims during her orientation, General Dynamics managers said full-time workers would not be effected by future layoffs.

«I was like, ‘So how did I still get a letter?’ and he was like, ‘Well, they can’t determine how people were picked to get a letter they start with the temporary people first and then go on down the line.'» she recalled.

The woman has grown increasingly frustrated by the company the last 2 months.

She claims management offered workers a $500 bonus if they stayed through the May 2nd termination date. However, she says under the strict point system, it’s practically impossible to receive the money.

«If you’re five to 10 minutes late to work you still get a point. If you leave work early, you still get a point. They [points] add up so fast and you know you have to be on you P’s and Q’s,» she said.

NewsChannel 7 tried to talk to General Dynamics about the layoffs. They did not return our calls, then threatened to have police remove us from public property while we were trying to talk to employees.

Walter Kelley, Lynn Haven Mayor said, «No one has called me and we have not been able to contact anyone.»

Mayor Kelley admits the city welcomed the 1,400 new jobs general dynamics created last fall. However, he says these layoffs will strain the local economy.

«We are still going through some tough times and people are trying to really hard to move forward in. It’s disturbing to me know that we are going to have that many people unemployed,» he said.

The General Dynamics worker says, «I just hope it just goes away, General Dynamics goes away, because it really has affected a lot of people including myself.»

Career Source Gulf Coast, who helped place all the workers with General Dynamics, will now be helping them find new jobs.»

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